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22 Th11 2016
28 Th4 2016

As a photographer, it was like music to my soul to be able to work with Tuan and Dung about the timeline and details of their shootting day. I drove up to Dalat a few days early to go scouting with them.

It’s so awesome to me when clients can become friends, and this wedding was one of my favorite ones I’ve been a part of…ever. Oh, and Duy is also a talented hairdresser, and if you’re getting married in her home base of Dalat, or anywhere else really, you should reach out to him!4T4A2631 4T4A1774 4T4A1849 4T4A1882 4T4A2565 4T4A2631 4T4A2664 4T4A2692 4T4A2715 4T4A2771 Untitled-1